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I recently took a trip to the United Arab Emirates! I had such an amazing time, splitting my time between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We behaved like typical tourists, visiting the sights (Dubai Mall, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the Burj Khalifa to name a few), did a good amount of shopping and spent some time chilling in the desert with camels and climbing sand dunes!

Like every other time I travel, I tried to spend a good amount of time getting better at using my camera. Have a look at some of my favourite pics below.

With love,

Afua x

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Back to Kotoka

So I took a really short trip to Ghana last week for my eldest brother’s wedding. The trip was the perfect opportunity for me to practice all the things I’ve been learning about photography recently, even though I still feel very much like a beginner!

Here are a few of my favourite pics

With love,

Afua x

IMG_3651IMG_3666IMG_3693IMG_3696IMG_3721IMG_3876IMG_3966IMG_4327IMG_4345IMG_4370IMG_4380 copyIMG_4392IMG_4407IMG_4468IMG_4506