African Fashion Week London 2014

Last weekend, the fourth annual African Fashion Week London was held in Kensington Olympia.


Caitlin Leslie of at Farfetch.com invited me along with two of my favourite African fashion/lifestyle bloggers – Mary of Pop Goes Fashion and Louisa of Afroblush. It was so nice to finally meet them, after reading their blogs for such a long time! We had VIP tickets so had the most amazing front row seats.

IMG_9847 Louisa and I   IMG_9850 Mary and I

Overall, I thought the fashion shows were generally impressive and the day was pretty well organised. There was a LOT of variety, and it was great to see so many different designers portray African fashion in their own unique way. As always, there was a really cool vibe and lots of really beautiful clothes and accessories for sale at the stalls.
IMG_9493 IMG_9605 IMG_9680

Check out some pics from some of the shows below x

Huda Daknui
IMG_9560 IMG_9563 IMG_9569

Eldimaa Fashion
IMG_9689 IMG_9693

IMG_9716 IMG_9729 IMG_9734

IMG_9742 IMG_9747 IMG_9753 IMG_9757

IMG_9795 IMG_9802

IMG_9889 IMG_9896 IMG_9898 IMG_9910 IMG_9913

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Top Button

I released my menswear lookbook last week, and obviously couldn’t leave the females out!

This collection is kinda androgynous, but still has quite a few girly items with classic silhouettes. I’ve always loved shirts (and often get teased for having my top button done up at all times!), and so I remixed what is usually thought of as a male item of clothing and built the collection around that.

Photography and editing were done by Double E Studios, who did an amazing job!

Have a look at the pics below, hope you guys like it!

With love,
Afua x

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 08.46.471 2 3 4 5 6.1 6 7 8 9.2 9.5 9 10 11 12 13 14.5 15 16 17.1 17 18 19 20 21 22 38 39 40

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Palm Wine and Teacups

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 22.25.36


I’m so excited to release this new lookbook! The name is really weird, right? Let me explain.

So I’m always talking about how Friday Born Designs is an amalgamation of Ghanaian and British culture, and this lookbook is following that same theme. The shoot was done in a typical British pub, with a typical British guy doing typical British things, but he isn’t dressed like your typical British guy (for those who don’t know, palm wine is a traditional African drink).

I designed this over a few months last year, sourcing the fabrics from London and various markets in Ghana. It took me a while to release it because I spent some time getting the right inspiration for the shoot, and I had to take breaks for exams and uni work etc.

But now it’s done, I absolutely love it.

Hayley Bennett did an amazing job of bringing my idea to life in the pictures. Have a look at them here, hope you like it!

With love,

Afua x

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Afrogala 2014

Every year, my university’s African Caribbean Society (ACS) puts on a cultural show, Afrogala. So many universities do the same, and I’ve showcased Friday Born at a lot of them (King’s College, UCL, St Georges, Royal Holloway, Southampton, Liverpool) but OBVIOUSLY my university puts on the best show *sips tea*

No but in all seriousness, Afrogala will always have a special place in my heart because my ACS is responsible for most of the fun I had in my first three years in uni. Between 2010 and 2012, I was always acting and/or dancing throughout the show, and I directed it in 2011. Now I feel too old to actually be up on stage, it’s nice to still be able to be involved by showcasing Friday Born Designs.

This year, I gave the audience the first peak of the new collection, have a look at some of the pictures below.

With love, Afua x

IMG_74261IMG_7429 IMG_7442 IMG_7459  IMG_74121015795_598762276881726_2106642786_o1602081_598763980214889_1295164765_o1669646_598763660214921_125822990_o1799876_598763880214899_609501726_o (1)1900800_598763686881585_1130497170_o1909252_598762330215054_742440929_o1956694_598763733548247_745486310_o (1)1966104_598763790214908_2041298889_oImage

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Friday Born’s 2013 Donation!

So just in case you didn’t know, I started Friday Born Designs to raise money for Bless the Children International Home, a home for orphans and abandoned children in Kwahu, Ghana. I made the first donation in 2012, and last month I went to make the second!


I was first introduced to the orphanage in the summer of 2011 when my parents made a donation to them on behalf of my dad’s Church in Kuwait (where he was working at the time). Then at the beginning of 2012 I had the idea of making and selling bow ties so that I could donate some money to them that coming summer, but then it all kinda spiralled out of control and I ended up starting a whole clothing line!

It’s always great going there, some of the kids have been there since I first visited the Home in 2011, so it’s really nice seeing them again. Others have been adopted or have united with family members, so it’s nice to hear those stories too. Then of course there’s always a new set of cute kids to meet!

Last year I bought them essentials such as rice, sugar, soap, cooking oil etc. and donated a sum of money for them to develop the IT centre they were building. The centre looks really good now. It’s run by the older kids as an internet cafe, so it provides some revenue for the Home and it gives the children the opportunity to learn about IT.

This year they asked for a water tank, because the water flow to their area is really unreliable. So on days where the central water supply is switched off, the children have to go to the local well to fetch water in the morning before school, which is obviously not ideal. So about half of the money I had raised this year went towards the water tank and its installation, and the rest of the money was used to buy them essentials, like last year.

After presenting the donation, we all went down to my parents’ home town, Nkawkaw, which is one of the bigger towns in Kwahu. My dad runs a charity named Capstone Ministries and so in collaboration with them, we put on a Christmas party for the children from Bless the Children International Home and the children around the area. I cannot even begin to describe how much fun it was! Word got around quickly and we had around 200 children in total, I think.

As you may or may not already know, Ghanaian kids can dance! It’s not even a joke.

So really the point of this post is to thank everyone who has ever ordered Friday Born Designs item, or has asked me to participate in a fashion show, or to style, and for every time one of you has retweeted a tweet, liked a picture or shared a post. All your encouragement doesn’t go unnoticed!

With love, Afua x