Dr Afua

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I’m finally a doctor!!
Snapchat-4378447900809297545Medical school has been, without a doubt, the craziest and longest journey!

I started at Imperial College School of Medicine in 2009. An 18 year old girl from a small town in Hampshire suddenly in Central London at one of the world’s best universities. I remember struggling a lot in first year, feeling really overwhelmed by the workload and frustrated that I couldn’t understand the tube map.

The following six years were FULL of ups and downs and so many moments when I wondered why I even wanted to be a doctor. But by God’s grace, I’m here!

emma 030_edited-2.jpg

I finished finals at the end of March and then went travelling in the Caribbean and America (blog post to follow!). About a week into my travels, I got the email informing me that I passed all my exams and was officially a doctor.

What followed was a number of celebrations (we basically stretched it out as much as we could haha)…

Doctor’s Day:

Affirmation Day:

Final Year Dinner (back in January):

And finally, graduation!!

So I guess, here’s to the rest of my life as Dr Friday Born!

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