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Friday Born’s 2014 Donation

So just for those who don’t know, I started Friday Born Designs in 2012 to raise money for Bless the Children International Home, and I go there once a year to donate the profits from all Friday Born sales. My blog post on last year’s donation explains how it all started –> click hereeee.

Last year, the Reverand who runs the orphanage told me about how they had been having trouble with their water supply, so the majority of 2013’s donation money went towards buying the orphanage a water tank. We hoped that when the central water supply was on, the tank would fill up so that even when the central water supply was shut off, they would still have a consistent flow of water. Unfortunately, the central water supply is so poor that the tank was rarely full.

Soooo, my mum came up with the idea of fitting a bore hole. For those who don’t know what a bore hole is, you basically attack the ground until you find a source of water and then connect it all up so it goes into a water tank and then out of a tap. The water is usually really clean and fresh, sort of like their own unlimited stream of Evian mineral water.

If I’m honest, it had only been 8 months since the last donation and I had taken 2-3 months off for exams, so I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to raise enough money to have it fitted. But God is faithful, and I did!

So on August 21st, my family and I went to visit them and spend the day with the kids, which is always fun. I was even featured on Ghanaian news!

Then I came back to London for uni and my parents made the arrangements for the bore hole to be fitted! It’s all working now and they’re so grateful.

So as always, I just want to thank everyone who buys Friday Born Designs items and provides support in so many little ways! Have a look at the donation video here


With love, Afua x

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My Sound Crush – When Will I See You Again by Shakka

Shakka’s back!!!!!!!

I remember falling in love with Shakka when I saw him live at a uni event in 2011, then I went to the launch party for his EP, ‘Tribe‘ last year and that completely sealed the deal. Tribe was definitely in the ‘most played’ playlist on my iTunes for a number of months, so I’m really excited to hear he has new music coming out.

Have a listen to his new song below and see if you fall in love as deeply as I did.

With love, Afua x