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The Sankofa Exhibition

Last week I went to visit the Sankofa Exhibition at the Hackney Museum.

Sankofa is an Akan word which literally translates to “go back and get it”, and symbolises the importance of learning from the past. The aptly named exhibition is all about the origins of Black History Month in the UK, and the monumental campaigns, protests and events that characterise the history of Black British people. It also exhibits various aspects of popular culture, like music, hair styles and photos from Notting Hill Carnival.

For me, it was definitely eye opening. Whilst you may hear names like Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey and Malcom X around schools in the UK, the heroes of Black history in Britain are largely neglected.

I definitely recommend the exhibition to anyone who wants an introduction to Black British History.

Check out some pictures below… (Disclaimer: my dad took a lot of them so forgive the over exposure and other imperfections!)

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