Brick Lane

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So a couple of friends and I took a trip to Brick Lane. Living in West London, I always get excited when I reach East London, everything seems so much more fly over that side of the woods!

Unfortunately I was having some issues with my lens so I didn’t take as many pics as I wanted to, and the ones I took aren’t as crisp as I would’ve liked… but here are some pics of the cool street art we saw!

1011825_10151667487170901_843364977_n 954858_10151667485025901_1935605992_n 5897_10151667485835901_1549772918_n 1013652_10151667485330901_1294336351_n 936412_10151667485165901_289538973_n 10138_10151667484775901_651052326_n998137_10151667485570901_236570825_n 1000430_10151667485470901_1820403604_n


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