Friday Born at Oliva Tweest

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So I took on the role as the costume designer of Oliva Tweest, the first afrobeats musical to hit the West End.

Not gonna lie, I wanted to slap myself soon after I volunteered for the role. The show was just a few weeks before my final exams which I really didn’t feel prepared for. On top of that I had been in Abu Dhabi visiting my brother for the two weeks before the show, so revision had been pretty much non-existent. Nonetheless, I did my job and kitted out the dancers,  singers and band in Friday Born outfits. The clothes worked really well with the overall vibe of the show and I had some really nice feedback afterwards.

The organisers worked super super hard to put on an amazing show and I had a lot of fun working with the cast (amongst all the stress).

Here are a few pics of people looking #FridayBornFly on the day! More can be seen here


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