2013 Fashion Shows

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So this year has been pretty eventful for Friday Born in terms of shows. One great thing about doing Friday Born whilst I’m in uni is lots of student societies hear about my work and ask to feature me in their charity fashion shows, which (usually) ends up being a lot of fun!

Around February and March, most of the uni African Caribbean Societies put on their cultural variety shows. Imperial College, UCL, King’s College, St George’s and Liverpool all featured Friday Born, it was really cool to see how the choreographers created different vibes with my clothes.

Friday Born was also in RAG Fashion Show at Clapham Grand, which was probably the most exciting show. Firstly because it was at the Clapham Grand and secondly because it was African fashion to a non-African audience. Friday Born was mixed amongst well established designers and brands (like Debenhams, flipping Debenhams!) so that was definitely a great one to be involved in.

Here are a few pics from the shows. More can be seen here

IMG_0400-002 IMG_0089 830362_426534247437864_136647243_o 830447_426534134104542_2075072986_o 860750_426533044104651_375029023_o 856580_426533704104585_1524737416_o886808_426534637437825_617569156_o886145_10151580703003338_1593024886_o 886360_426534494104506_1454196633_o 893420_10151580703598338_2060847273_o 901247_10151588662783338_1733936819_o  IMG_0366


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  1. Everyone looks amazing and what diversity 🙂

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