Friday Born’s 2012 Donation

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After founding Friday Born Designs in January 2012, I was able to make the first donation to the orphanage in August 2012. It was really nice to be able to go there myself and talk to them about the challenges they’re facing and how Friday Born Designs’ modest contribution will help them out a little.

The thing that needs to be noted about these Children’s Homes is that they have no backing from the government. They feed the children, clothe them and pay for their school fees by relying on donations and their own small ventures (they set up a small internet cafe to bring in some revenue, and God willing, part of the Friday Born money is going towards a photocopier so they can charge people for copying and printing documents). The  Reverand who runs the home, Rev Jeremiah Yeboah has amazing faith and it was a really humbling experience being there.

I’ve managed to learn how to use iMovie a little *pats self on back* so I made this video to give everyone an insight into my day at the Home.

Afua x

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