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Friday Born at Oliva Tweest

So I took on the role as the costume designer of Oliva Tweest, the first afrobeats musical to hit the West End.

Not gonna lie, I wanted to slap myself soon after I volunteered for the role. The show was just a few weeks before my final exams which I really didn’t feel prepared for. On top of that I had been in Abu Dhabi visiting my brother for the two weeks before the show, so revision had been pretty much non-existent. Nonetheless, I did my job and kitted out the dancers,  singers and band in Friday Born outfits. The clothes worked really well with the overall vibe of the show and I had some really nice feedback afterwards.

The organisers worked super super hard to put on an amazing show and I had a lot of fun working with the cast (amongst all the stress).

Here are a few pics of people looking #FridayBornFly on the day! More can be seen here


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2013 Fashion Shows

So this year has been pretty eventful for Friday Born in terms of shows. One great thing about doing Friday Born whilst I’m in uni is lots of student societies hear about my work and ask to feature me in their charity fashion shows, which (usually) ends up being a lot of fun!

Around February and March, most of the uni African Caribbean Societies put on their cultural variety shows. Imperial College, UCL, King’s College, St George’s and Liverpool all featured Friday Born, it was really cool to see how the choreographers created different vibes with my clothes.

Friday Born was also in RAG Fashion Show at Clapham Grand, which was probably the most exciting show. Firstly because it was at the Clapham Grand and secondly because it was African fashion to a non-African audience. Friday Born was mixed amongst well established designers and brands (like Debenhams, flipping Debenhams!) so that was definitely a great one to be involved in.

Here are a few pics from the shows. More can be seen here

IMG_0400-002 IMG_0089 830362_426534247437864_136647243_o 830447_426534134104542_2075072986_o 860750_426533044104651_375029023_o 856580_426533704104585_1524737416_o886808_426534637437825_617569156_o886145_10151580703003338_1593024886_o 886360_426534494104506_1454196633_o 893420_10151580703598338_2060847273_o 901247_10151588662783338_1733936819_o  IMG_0366

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Friday Born’s 2012 Donation

After founding Friday Born Designs in January 2012, I was able to make the first donation to the orphanage in August 2012. It was really nice to be able to go there myself and talk to them about the challenges they’re facing and how Friday Born Designs’ modest contribution will help them out a little.

The thing that needs to be noted about these Children’s Homes is that they have no backing from the government. They feed the children, clothe them and pay for their school fees by relying on donations and their own small ventures (they set up a small internet cafe to bring in some revenue, and God willing, part of the Friday Born money is going towards a photocopier so they can charge people for copying and printing documents). The  Reverand who runs the home, Rev Jeremiah Yeboah has amazing faith and it was a really humbling experience being there.

I’ve managed to learn how to use iMovie a little *pats self on back* so I made this video to give everyone an insight into my day at the Home.

Afua x